Dangerous Disease: Erectile Dysfunction. Can Eroxel be the solution?

Erectile dysfunction can be a burden and can even hide serious diseases. You can still protect yourself if you understand the symptoms. First, let’s start with the good news. Sexuality is the best way for good health. Regular sex helps strengthen the immune system, prevent infections, and lowers the risk of developing serious heart disease. The bad news is that approximately five million German men suffer from erectile disorder. One in ten men aged 40 to 50 are impotent. Over 60, one in three is. Many people don’t know that impotence can be caused by serious illnesses. But regardless of the causes of Impotence, Eroxel is now the best natural supplement to combat this problem: Eroxel Original

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Professor Hartmut Porst is a urologist who is one of the most respected experts on sexual disorders. He says that “the fact that the male organ does not do its job because of a complex system” The limbic system is responsible for the “ignition” or “ignition” of an erection. This brain region processes all stimulating and inhibiting influences that affect sexual function and transmits them to the penis via the spinal cord.

What causes are there for Impotence?

Sometimes, only nerve conduction between the brain and the genitals is paralyzed. The bottom of the eroticism is not reached by the head and vice versa. The brain does not respond to too many stimulating feelings from the partner.

Stress is the main reason for erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction can also be caused by stress, obesity, excessive alcohol intake, and diabetes. Erectile dysfunction is common. It can be caused by side effects of medications, especially those for high blood pressure or gout. Talk to your doctor and read the insert. Sometimes, switching to another medication will suffice to relieve the symptoms.

Is Impotence also a warning Sign?

Studies have shown that erectile dysfunction may be the first sign of coronary artery disease. This is even before symptoms like shortness of breath and weakness. general weakness. This is particularly true for diabetics and young men.

This is because the blood vessels in your penis are smaller than the ones in your heart. A reduced blood supply is one of the major causes of impotence. A strong erection can only occur if there is enough blood flow to the penis. Heart disease can develop approximately two to three years after the first sign of erectile dysfunction. The expert says, “Therefore I can only recommend that all affected persons see a doctor.”

This allows for early detection of any heart disease. The treatment can begin before major damage occurs. Side effect: You can start to enjoy the pleasures of lovemaking again.

How can we prevent Erectile Dysfunction?

The condition of blood vessels affects erectile function. Everyone should make every effort to keep their blood vessels as elastic and free as possible. Avoid animal fats, eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, engage in regular endurance sports, reduce alcohol intake, and quit smoking. Meds should be used to treat conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure. If you experience erectile dysfunction, your doctor should diagnose it. If you make some changes in your eating habits and add Eroxel to your new diet you will notice the difference instantly. Thanks to its potent natural ingredients you will regain your sex life without side effects: Eroxel Test 


Impotence in Men – The most effective Solution: Potencialex

It is difficult to say how many people are affected by erectile dysfunction, because the results of studies vary widely depending on the type of data collection, the questions asked, and the subjects selected. vary greatly in some cases, ranging from less than ten percent to more than 50 percent. However, the studies at least indicate that they occur more frequently with increasing age.

Erectile dysfunction can:

Occur without an identifiable cause, happen as a result of another disease or an injury, occur as a side effect of certain medications.

If the man has never been able to get or maintain an erection, doctors call this primary erectile dysfunction.

If the problem occurs later in life, after the man has already had and been able to maintain erections, medicine refers to this as secondary erectile dysfunction. The latter is the more common variant.

This problem can be difficult to discuss with someone, but you can find an effective solution without having to leave your home: Potencialex Buy

Erectile Dysfunction: Symptoms

The most noticeable symptom of erectile dysfunction is that the man is unable to get an erection hard or persistent enough to have intercourse to have sexual intercourse. The fact that the penis occasionally fails to become erect or slumps early is normal. Warning signs that erectile dysfunction may be pathological include the following could be, for example:

  • A feeling of numbness in the area of the buttocks and genitals.
  • Absence of nocturnal and morning erections
  • Muscle cramps in the legs during exertion (such as walking) that subside immediately at rest. It could be intermittent claudication, the so-called “window shopper’s disease”, in which the arteries are only supplied with blood to a limited extent. One symptom is erectile dysfunction.

Stress and anxiety are often involved in psychologically induced erectile dysfunction. Under stress, the body produces a lot of cortisol. This is a hormone which is released in the body in dangerous situations. The body decides between flight and fight. Both are bad, because in this situation the body also secretes also releases adrenaline, which works against an erection. A sudden onset of erectile dysfunction associated with a life-changing event such as loss experience and traumatic experiences is also typical of psychologically induced erectile dysfunction.

If you already have these symptoms you can attack the problem with a natural supplement: Potencialex Original

Erectile Dysfunction: Treatment

Underlying conditions of erectile dysfunction should be adequately treated. This includes good medication to control blood pressure in the presence of hypertension. existing hypertension. Likewise a lowering of high blood lipid values.

Psychotherapy can be helpful for anxiety disorders, depression or other mental illnesses. Patients with physically induced erectile dysfunction could also erectile dysfunction could benefit from psychotherapy. At the beginning of therapy, it is not easy because the patient and therapist need to establish a basis of trust. need to establish a basis of trust. In the longer term, psychotherapy shows good results.

Drug treatment classically includes phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors (PDE-5 inhibitors). These interfere with the ability of the penile blood vessels to contract. blood vessels of the penis and ensure an adequate inflow of blood into the erectile tissue. They are taken before sexual intercourse.

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Eroxel, the best Dietary Supplementation as a Sexual Stimulant?

Erectile dysfunction means that a man cannot have an erection, or maintain it for long enough to have sexual interaction. It isn’t difficult to get a penis and/or it doesn’t go down as quickly. To be considered erectile dysfunction, the problems must last at least six months.

Erectile dysfunction, also known as “impotence”, is often a gradual process that occurs during sexual intercourse with a partner or during masturbation. This could be due to vascular constrictions. Erections are a normal part of the sleep cycle for any healthy man. If they don’t occur, this is a sign of a medical problem.

Dietary supplements for sexual stimulant?

It is best to not wait too long to see if your performance drops in bed. Instead, you can counteract the problem directly using natural methods. Sometimes, it is possible to avoid heavy medication.

Supplements are often ignored, seen as unnecessary or promoted – this is a mistake! Many people lack essential nutrients. Dietary supplements are a simple, effective way to add nutrients to your diet. You can determine if there is a nutritional deficiency and what nutrient is missing by consulting a doctor.

Dietary supplements can be used to correct deficiencies and restore or maintain balance in the body. It is a great way to fight the causes of problems without putting your health at risk.

Erectile dysfunction remedies can be used to treat the symptoms temporarily. This is because the symptoms are a sign of a larger problem. It is effective in reducing erectile dysfunction symptoms and allowing you to rekindle sex. Over-the-counter nutritional supplements can’t provide the same sharp performance boost as stimulants. Because nutrient absorption occurs over a longer time period, but also has an extended effect that allows for a return of good sexual activity.

What nutrition supplements are available to increase potency?

Products that target nutritional deficiencies (e.g. zinc, selenium, folic acid, arginine, ginkgo,etc.) Some people want to increase potency by adding those active ingredients. They are usually plant-based and natural. Supplements can have different effects on people than medicines. There are some people who have severe allergies and others that do not need special attention. Each person has different nutritional needs, which makes it hard for people to find the right products.

Here’s a quick list:

Zinc, Folic acid and Selenium

After expert consultations and the evaluation of numerous medical studies, the EU confirmed that the active ingredients folic, zinc, and selenium were essential for fertility, potency, reproduction, sperm formation, and testosterone levels in human beings. They also provide a long-term increase in performance. The body will have longer-term energy availability than a temporary boost. They can also be used as stimulants for sexual activity. With more energy, you will be able to stay active longer and in all areas. They are a great alternative to Viagra, and they have a lasting effect in preventing erectile dysfunction. They can also be used to treat fatigue, physical ailments, and concentration problems.


L-Arginine, an amino acid that is responsible for the formation nitric oxide in blood vessels, is responsible. Not only is it important for protecting blood vessels in the penis but also for the entire body. L-Arginine can be used to increase blood flow and widen blood vessels. This is helpful for hypertension and erectile discomfort caused by circulatory problems. L-arginine can be found in nuts and fish, as well as in various dietary supplements. These products have a natural effect on your body and can be used as a treatment. However, they should not be considered a medicine.

Ginkgo biloba

Ginkgo biloba extract has two compounds (flavonoids, terpenoids), that are strong antioxidants. They may slow down the development of age-related illnesses by counteracting oxidative stresses, which is often a major cause of death.


This plant has a genitourinary effect, strengthening erection and toning penis muscles. Ginseng can also be used to combat infection, reduce inflammation, and remove stagnation.

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Why is Eroxel so effective for Impotence?

When erection is not possible or cannot be sustained for long enough to allow sexual intercourse, it is called impotence. Erectile dysfunction is also known as potency disorder, erectile malfunction, or erectile dysfunction. It is estimated that nearly 90% of men suffer from impotence at one time or another. Permanent impotence is a serious condition.

There are many causes of impotence, including various diseases, medications, stress, hormone changes, and depression. It is common for people to experience impotence once or twice. If things get worse slowly, but persistently, it could be due to physical factors. This is chronic impotence, and must be treated. It could also be psychological if they are able to erection but not in the desired way. This is only a problem if you are unable to erection in any way. Impotence does not have to ruin your life. Eroxel is now the best solution to overcome impotence. Its potent ingredients will provide you with a fast and effective solution: Eroxel Original

Impotence: Causes

#1. Endocrine disorders: Humans have many hormones in their bodies that regulate metabolism, reproduction, mood, and other functions. Diabetes, one of these diseases, is the leading cause of impotence among men.

Diabetes can affect the body’s ability use hormonal insulin. Diabetes can cause nerve damage, which in turn, may affect the function of the sexual organ. Other complications of diabetes include the deterioration of blood flow and high hormone levels. These are both causes of impotence among men.

#2. Neurological disorders: Impotence can also be a result of certain neurological conditions. These neurological conditions can cause impotence by affecting the communication between the brain, the reproductive system, and other related factors. Impotence can be caused by neurological conditions. These include Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, Brain or Spinal Tumors, Multiple Sclerosis, Stroke, Epilepsy.

Impotence can be felt even by men who have had prostate surgery. Temporary impotence can be felt by professional cyclists who cycle long distances. This is due to the continuous and repetitive pressure on the sexual organ.

#3. Use of certain medications: Certain medications that affect blood circulation may also cause impotence in men. Alpha-adrenergic blocking drugs, beta-blockers and oncological chemotherapy drugs are some of the most well-known drugs that can cause impotence in men. Diuretics, selective inhibitors for serotonin rebound, synthetic hormones, central nervous system.

#4. Emotional disorders and lifestyle factors: A man must feel sexually stimulated in order to erection. This arousal phase can also trigger an emotional response. An emotional disorder can affect a man’s ability to sexually stimulated. Depression and feelings of slenderness are the most closely linked to this problem. Depression is characterized by feelings of sadness, hopelessness and powerlessness. Impotence can be caused by depression-related exhaustion. A person who has suffered from the “failure” of sexual activity can carry these fears into the future, which can cause slenderness and other feelings.

Understanding Impotence: Symptoms

Many men experience signs of impotence over a long period of time. The impotence symptoms may develop for months or even years without any concern. It is important to note that male impotence symptoms can range from a slight weakening in erection to a persistent lack of desire or an inability to maintain erection through sexual intercourse.

The first step to understanding the causes and treatment of impotence is the discovery of symptoms. Individuals may experience different symptoms of impotence. The severity and predominance of symptoms can also vary depending on the individual.

You can also try these:

Control blood pressure, cholesterol, and other health issues. Reduce alcohol intake and eliminate all other addictive drugs and poisons that can lower sex desire or impair erection. Permanent impotence can result from regular use of addictive poisons. Discuss any drug use with your doctor. Their doctor should be aware of any medications and conditions they have so that he or she can treat impotence. Sometimes the simplest methods of prevention can be effective, such as communication with the partner.

Temporary problems with erection can be normal. You can have your future performance affected if you are afraid of experiencing problems with erection. Try to eliminate stress.

The following steps are Essential:

  • healthy diet
  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • High blood pressure and high cholesterol should be avoided
  • Reduce or eliminate alcohol
  • Exercise and gymnastics should be kept to a minimum of 150 minutes per week
  • Control the levels of testosterone in your body
  • Avoid anabolic steroids or drugs
  • Stop smoking tobacco
  • Avoid risky sexual activities
  • fight stress

If you try to live a healthy life, taking care of your diet, exercising and consuming Eroxel in your daily diet, you will see results almost instantly. Many men have already proven the effectiveness of Eroxel: Eroxel Reviews


What is Erectile Dysfunction and why should you take Eroxel?

There are many disorders that can affect male sexuality. Erectile Dysfunction is one example. It’s also known as impotence, erectile dysfunction or erectile dysfunction. Impotence can be described in many different ways. It is simply the inability to perform coitus (impotentia comeundi). Erectile dysfunction is when the penis doesn’t become fully erect, or becomes flaccid too quickly. It is impossible to achieve or maintain erection. It is impossible to maintain. It is not always possible to have sexual intercourse. But, men can still have sexual desire (libido).

Erectile dysfunction is something that every man experiences once in his life. They can get worse with age. Erectile dysfunction is when a man fails to conceive after six months. It is not clear how common impotence is among men. Many people don’t consult a doctor and so the unreported cases are high. According to the University Hospital Frankfurt, impotence affects between 20 and 25 percent of 65-year-old men. The number of men suffering from erectile dysfunction ranges between three to five million. Many men suffer from impotence in silence because they do not dare to talk about it. But impotence should not be something irremediable, Eroxel contains potent natural ingredients that ensure its effectiveness: Eroxel Original 

What causes erectile dysfunction?

A complex process called erection requires blood vessels, nerve system, hormones, and muscles to work together. There are many causes of erectile dysfunction.

It is possible for erectile dysfunction to occur without any obvious cause, or as a result of another disease. This happens in between 50 and 80 percent. Erectile dysfunction can be caused by the following diseases:

  • Vascular calcification, or hardening of the arteries, is the leading cause of impotence. Insufficient blood flow to the penis
  • Peripheral arterial disease (pAVK)
  • Diabetes mellitus: When the walls of blood vessels are “sugar-up”, not enough blood reaches penis.
  • Arterial hypertension (high blood pressure)
  • Heart failure (cardiac Insufficiency).
  • Transplantation of kidneys
  • Prostate enlargement
  • Disorders of the lipoprotein metabolism
  • Testosterone deficiency: weakens erectile function
  • Neurological diseases, such as stroke and multiple sclerosis, are a group of neurological disorders. Multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, stroke disrupt signal transmission
  • A herniated disc can cause nerve impulses to be blocked.
  • Consumption of high amounts of nicotine and alcohol
  • Medication side effects( e.g. Beta blockers are used to lower blood pressure

Erectile dysfunction can also be caused by surgery. Sometimes, nerve pathways from the penis to and from the prostate can be damaged. Prostate cancer treatment in men is one example. Impotence can also be caused by injuries to the spine, pelvis, or genitals in traffic accidents.

Erectile dysfunction can also be caused by the male psyche. According to doctors, impotence can be caused by psychological factors such as depression, anxiety, stress, anxiety, inhibitions and lack of self-confidence.

What are the Signs of Erectile Dysfunction and how can they be treated?

Erectile dysfunction is characterized by the penis not being stiff enough to allow for sexual intercourse and a man’s inability or inability to maintain erection. Other sexual dysfunctions may occur alongside impotence such as premature or delayed ejaculation, or ejaculatio retarda.

How can Men prevent Impotence?

There are no preventative measures for erectile dysfunction. Preventive measures generally include eating a balanced diet, which includes plenty of fruits and vegetables, unsaturated fat acids, whole-grain foods, fish over meat, and regular exercise. It is best to avoid nicotine and drink alcohol in moderation. Men should also have any underlying conditions such as diabetes, arteriosclerosis, or high blood pressure addressed. You can also add Eroxel to your daily diet, so you can almost instantly notice the positive changes in your sex life. Many have already tried it and are happy with the results: Eroxel Reviews


How is Heart Attack and Erectile Dysfunction related and how can Eroxel help?

Erectile dysfunction patients often worry about their health. There are reports about possible heart attacks from medication. Many patients are worried about possible heart problems due to treatment for erectile dysfunction. ZAVA explains how heart attacks and erectile disorders are connected and what to consider.

What causes Heart Attacks and Erectile Dysfunction are there?

Erectile dysfunction and heart attacks are most common in older men. A heart attack occurs when a blood vessel (coronary vessel), that supplies blood to part of the heart muscle, is suddenly blocked. Atherosclerosis is the most common cause of clots. Fat deposits build up in the blood vessels and can lead to the death or partial paralysis of the heart muscle.

Vascular damage can also cause erectile dysfunction. This can cause a blockage in the blood flow to the penis, making it more difficult to achieve an erection. Erectile dysfunction may also be caused by nerve damage, psychological stress, or other factors. Whatever the cause of impotence, Eroxel helps you fight it thanks to its powerful ingredients. Being completely natural, this guarantees its effectiveness: Eroxel Test

Can Erectile Dysfunction be combined with Heart Attack?

Erectile dysfunction that is not caused by an event like prostate surgery or problems within a partnership cannot be linked with heart attacks. Erectile dysfunction in these cases does not mean an increased risk for heart attacks. Erectile dysfunction due to age is not associated with increased risk of heart attacks. However, myocardial injury can be caused by lifestyle, age- and diet-related vascular damage. Normally, damage to blood vessels occurs uniformly throughout the body. If the damage is severe enough to cause erectile dysfunction, then it can be assumed that other vessels such as the coronary and vascular arteries have been damaged.

Are Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms a sign of Heart trouble?

There are many scientific studies that examine the relationship between vascular injury, heart attack, and erectile dysfunction. It can be concluded that erectile dysfunction is a symptom of possible heart attacks or other related diseases.

The so-called cardiovascular event (which includes heart attacks) occurred in the average of two to five years following the first occurrences of erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction should not be viewed as a separate entity from heart attacks. Instead, they should be considered together as manifestations of the same underlying condition, which is pathological changes to the blood vessels. These correlations only apply to erectile dysfunction that is caused by damage to blood vessels.

Do you have to do anything for your Heart health if Erectile Dysfunction is occurring?

Vascular erectile disorder can make men 2.5 times more likely than those without to have a heart attack. Men with erectile problems may also be more at risk for heart attack due to obesity, diabetes mellitus and tobacco use.

Discuss with your doctor a comprehensive plan for cardiovascular prevention if erectile dysfunction is present. In regular endurance training such as swimming, running, and cycling is a good preventive strategy. A balanced diet that includes low amounts of saturated fat acids is recommended. To be able to consider pre-existing conditions as well as personal performance, each measure should be discussed with a doctor.

What can you do if your Heart Attacks occur?

Men experiencing symptoms similar to a heart attack such as tightness in their chest, pain in the left arm and chest, nausea, shortness or fear of dying should contact an emergency service or doctor immediately. There is less chance of suffering from complications later if medical attention for heart attacks is sought quickly.

It is important to inform your doctor or emergency service if you are taking PDE5 inhibitors, or any other sexual enhancers. This is vital, because the standard medication given to a patient in the event of heart attack can interact with some sexual enhancers, including PDE5 inhibitors. In the worst case scenario, this could lead to serious circulatory problems. The doctor will refer to compatible medications if potency medication has been used in the past.

Patients who have taken nitrates or other similar drugs in the past should consult a doctor immediately if they suspect that they may be suffering from a heart attack. These medications can also cause serious circulatory problems. It is very important to take good care of your physical health, this implies making major changes in your diet. You can also add Eroxel to your diet, this will give you the essential vitamins you need to regain your sex life: Eroxel Buy


How does Erectile Dysfunction inhibit Sexuality and why is Eroxel so Important?

Erectile dysfunction, also known as impotence, is the inability or inability to achieve or keep a strong penile erection that allows for sexual intercourse. Doctors assume you may have a medical condition if these symptoms persist for longer than six months. If this happens, your family doctor should be consulted as well as a urologist. You may have a serious condition or mental problem if you experience recurrent erection issues.

What causes Erection Problems are there?

According to research, most men over 40 sometimes have difficulty getting or maintaining erection. It is usually not something to be concerned about, as it is often caused by stress, fatigue, anxiety, and excessive alcohol consumption.

Some men may have issues with certain situations only, like when they experience an erection while masturbating but not when they’re with a partner together. But if the impotence is persistent, you can try Eroxel combined with good nutrition and exercise. This natural supplement will help you regain your sex life: Eroxel Original

These are the Facts

  • 50% of men believe there is an organic cause.
  • A psychologically-induced disorder is about one third of the cases.
  • Both are combined in 20 percent.
  • About 80 percent of erectile problems after the age 50 are organic.

Psychological problems can also be experienced by men with erection issues, such as fear of failure or anxiety.

What Diseases can impact Erection?

The following diseases are most commonly associated with erectile dysfunction, according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information:

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Metabolic syndrome/diabetes mellitus
  • Hyperlipidemia is a disorder of fat metabolism caused by high levels of cholesterol.
  • hypertension
  • endothelial dysfunction (arteriosclerosis/arteriosclerosis)

These Diseases are rare causes of Erectile Problems:

  • Multiple sclerosis and neurological diseases
  • Hormonal causes
  • Traumatic injuries (pelvic fractures, spine cord injuries)
  • Stroke
  • lung diseases
  • Consequences of priapism: Painful stiffening/permanent erection
  • Depression
  • Prostate problems (enlargement)
  • Use and abuse of medication

Age has an Impact

There are many studies that have been done in Germany on the prevalence and causes of erectile dysfunction. However, the results can vary greatly. The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) has found a strong correlation between erectile dysfunction and older age. Another important finding is:

Erectile dysfunction may be an early sign of heart disease. Erectile dysfunction can also be caused by a decline in the strength and oxygen supply to the pelvic floor muscles.

What are the Options for Treatment?

There are many treatment options for erectile dysfunction. These are the criteria that general practitioners and urologists must consider:

  • What causes the condition?
  • What is the age of the patient?
  • What are the most common risk factors?
  • What are the preferences of the patient?

These four criteria will be clarified. There are many treatment options for men. This is where the goal is to treat the root cause as soon as possible. Patients should also take a look at their lifestyle with their doctor to see if any habits are causing them harm. The treatment should involve the participation of both partners. It is not advisable to treat symptoms if causal therapy doesn’t bring about improvement.

Here are some things you can do to prevent Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can be helped by a healthy lifestyle and honest conversations with your partner. These tips are important:

Living a healthy lifestyle is key. Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol.

With regular exercise and a healthy diet, you can keep your blood sugar, blood lipids, and blood pressure in a normal range.

To get your sex life on track, you need to exercise your pelvic floor. For erection, the erectile tissue muscles in the outer layer (or pelvic floor) are essential. A weak pelvic floor can lead to problems with erection. Try to exercise your pelvic floor muscles as much as you can, without the assistance of the abdominal or gluteal muscles.

While sports and an active lifestyle can be beneficial for erectile function men need to be cautious when riding. Because: Bad postures or saddles can sometimes block blood flow and nerve pathways in the genital region. Erectile dysfunction can also be caused by this. Tip: Check your saddle if you feel numbness in your penis or the scrotum when you are cycling. This should be as wide as possible and as ergonomically-shaped as you can.

Erectile dysfunction can be a painful topic for many couples. Talk openly about your problems with your partner, because erectile dysfunction can affect both of you. Both of you are affected! Talking about your sexuality with your partner and your own can be a part of treatment. You don’t have to be. Sometimes it’s just as beneficial to exchange caresses in order to feel intimacy. exchange. You don’t have to do it all the time. This is an opportunity to try something different. In addition to all this you can add Eroxel to your daily diet. Thanks to its all natural ingredients its efficacy is guaranteed. Eroxel will help you to eliminate Impotence: Eroxel Buy