What about a Ketogenic Diet?

The ketogenic diet has been in vogue for some years. However, this type of diet has long been used to treat conditions such as epilepsy.

Originally used for children with epilepsy to reduce seizures, the ketogenic or Keto diet was developed in the 1920s.

This diet first demonstrated anticonvulsant effects in epileptics. In recent years, the keto diet has gained popularity as a quick method of losing weight. The ketogenic diet is also used to improve the symptoms of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

When the ketogenic diet is practised in the therapeutic field, its duration varies from a few weeks to several years, depending on the expected results.

What are the advantages, disadvantages, dangers and therapeutic indications of the ketogenic diet?

Advantages and disadvantages of the ketogenic diet

  • feeling of satiety ;
  • no calorie restriction;
  • good intake of quality fats and proteins;
  • rapid weight loss;
  • Potentially positive effect on blood lipid levels.
  • Negatives of the keto diet

However, there are some disadvantages to the ketogenic diet, such as

  • unpleasant side effects in the first few weeks (ketogenic flu);
  • little dietary diversity;
  • no deviations allowed;
  • difficult to follow ;
  • monotonous;
  • not compatible with a fulfilling social life.

What are the dangers of the ketogenic diet?

During the first few weeks, very unpleasant effects can occur. This is known as ketogenic flu and is a transitory period that almost always accompanies the transition of the body into a state of ketosis.

Beware, some side effects seem to persist even after the transition period, such as

  • hypoglycaemia (drop in blood sugar levels)
  • dehydration;
  • an increased risk of urinary lithiasis or kidney stones;

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What are the therapeutic indications of the ketogenic diet?

In addition to weight loss, the ketogenic diet is used in the treatment of various pathologies:

  • epilepsy ;
  • cancers ;
  • inflammatory diseases, etc.

This is why it was originally created in the 1920s.

Some figures to go further

As the ketogenic diet is very high in fat, there are still many concerns about its potential negative impact on cardiovascular risk.

According to a recent 2013 study, not only does the ketogenic diet result in greater weight loss than a low-fat diet, but it also has a positive impact on:

  • blood pressure ;
  • HDL cholesterol levels (good cholesterol);
  • blood triglycerides.
  • The ketogenic diet has also been shown to increase LDL (bad) cholesterol levels. In fact, saturated fats may not be as bad as we think.

These new data are still recent, but should be taken into consideration.

In terms of weight loss, it has been shown that the ketogenic diet is more effective than a low-fat diet. Indeed, multiple studies have compared low-fat or high-protein, medium-carbohydrate diets to the ketogenic diet.

The results show that in the short term (1 year or less), the ketogenic diet is more effective in weight loss. However, very few studies have evaluated the effects of this diet in the longer term.

Dietitian’s opinion on the ketogenic diet

The ketogenic diet is a diet that does not really respect the basic rules of a balanced diet. It excludes many food groups and seems to forget the notion of pleasure.

The removal of grain products, legumes and fruit can lead to certain deficiencies in fibre, vitamins and antioxidants, which play many roles in health. This why all keto diet should be accompanied by Revolyn Keto Burn, the food supplement adapted to this diet.

Revolyn Keto Burn Diet

However, it is difficult to deny the proven positive effects that this diet appears to have on health. Although it is difficult to recommend the ketogenic diet at the moment because of its very restrictive nature, numerous studies underway should make it possible to see a little more clearly in the years to come.

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Impotence in Men – The most effective Solution: Potencialex

It is difficult to say how many people are affected by erectile dysfunction, because the results of studies vary widely depending on the type of data collection, the questions asked, and the subjects selected. vary greatly in some cases, ranging from less than ten percent to more than 50 percent. However, the studies at least indicate that they occur more frequently with increasing age.

Erectile dysfunction can:

Occur without an identifiable cause, happen as a result of another disease or an injury, occur as a side effect of certain medications.

If the man has never been able to get or maintain an erection, doctors call this primary erectile dysfunction.

If the problem occurs later in life, after the man has already had and been able to maintain erections, medicine refers to this as secondary erectile dysfunction. The latter is the more common variant.

This problem can be difficult to discuss with someone, but you can find an effective solution without having to leave your home: Potencialex Kupite

Erectile Dysfunction: Symptoms

The most noticeable symptom of erectile dysfunction is that the man is unable to get an erection hard or persistent enough to have intercourse to have sexual intercourse. The fact that the penis occasionally fails to become erect or slumps early is normal. Warning signs that erectile dysfunction may be pathological include the following could be, for example:

  • A feeling of numbness in the area of the buttocks and genitals.
  • Absence of nocturnal and morning erections
  • Muscle cramps in the legs during exertion (such as walking) that subside immediately at rest. It could be intermittent claudication, the so-called “window shopper’s disease”, in which the arteries are only supplied with blood to a limited extent. One symptom is erectile dysfunction.

Stress and anxiety are often involved in psychologically induced erectile dysfunction. Under stress, the body produces a lot of cortisol. This is a hormone which is released in the body in dangerous situations. The body decides between flight and fight. Both are bad, because in this situation the body also secretes also releases adrenaline, which works against an erection. A sudden onset of erectile dysfunction associated with a life-changing event such as loss experience and traumatic experiences is also typical of psychologically induced erectile dysfunction.

If you already have these symptoms you can attack the problem with a natural supplement: Potencialex Original

Erectile Dysfunction: Treatment

Underlying conditions of erectile dysfunction should be adequately treated. This includes good medication to control blood pressure in the presence of hypertension. existing hypertension. Likewise a lowering of high blood lipid values.

Psychotherapy can be helpful for anxiety disorders, depression or other mental illnesses. Patients with physically induced erectile dysfunction could also erectile dysfunction could benefit from psychotherapy. At the beginning of therapy, it is not easy because the patient and therapist need to establish a basis of trust. need to establish a basis of trust. In the longer term, psychotherapy shows good results.

Drug treatment classically includes phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors (PDE-5 inhibitors). These interfere with the ability of the penile blood vessels to contract. blood vessels of the penis and ensure an adequate inflow of blood into the erectile tissue. They are taken before sexual intercourse.

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Eroxel, the best Dietary Supplementation as a Sexual Stimulant?

Erectile dysfunction means that a man cannot have an erection, or maintain it for long enough to have sexual interaction. It isn’t difficult to get a penis and/or it doesn’t go down as quickly. To be considered erectile dysfunction, the problems must last at least six months.

Erectile dysfunction, also known as “impotence”, is often a gradual process that occurs during sexual intercourse with a partner or during masturbation. This could be due to vascular constrictions. Erections are a normal part of the sleep cycle for any healthy man. If they don’t occur, this is a sign of a medical problem.

Dietary supplements for sexual stimulant?

It is best to not wait too long to see if your performance drops in bed. Instead, you can counteract the problem directly using natural methods. Sometimes, it is possible to avoid heavy medication.

Supplements are often ignored, seen as unnecessary or promoted – this is a mistake! Many people lack essential nutrients. Dietary supplements are a simple, effective way to add nutrients to your diet. You can determine if there is a nutritional deficiency and what nutrient is missing by consulting a doctor.

Dietary supplements can be used to correct deficiencies and restore or maintain balance in the body. It is a great way to fight the causes of problems without putting your health at risk.

Erectile dysfunction remedies can be used to treat the symptoms temporarily. This is because the symptoms are a sign of a larger problem. It is effective in reducing erectile dysfunction symptoms and allowing you to rekindle sex. Over-the-counter nutritional supplements can’t provide the same sharp performance boost as stimulants. Because nutrient absorption occurs over a longer time period, but also has an extended effect that allows for a return of good sexual activity.

What nutrition supplements are available to increase potency?

Products that target nutritional deficiencies (e.g. zinc, selenium, folic acid, arginine, ginkgo,etc.) Some people want to increase potency by adding those active ingredients. They are usually plant-based and natural. Supplements can have different effects on people than medicines. There are some people who have severe allergies and others that do not need special attention. Each person has different nutritional needs, which makes it hard for people to find the right products.

Here’s a quick list:

Zinc, Folic acid and Selenium

After expert consultations and the evaluation of numerous medical studies, the EU confirmed that the active ingredients folic, zinc, and selenium were essential for fertility, potency, reproduction, sperm formation, and testosterone levels in human beings. They also provide a long-term increase in performance. The body will have longer-term energy availability than a temporary boost. They can also be used as stimulants for sexual activity. With more energy, you will be able to stay active longer and in all areas. They are a great alternative to Viagra, and they have a lasting effect in preventing erectile dysfunction. They can also be used to treat fatigue, physical ailments, and concentration problems.


L-Arginine, an amino acid that is responsible for the formation nitric oxide in blood vessels, is responsible. Not only is it important for protecting blood vessels in the penis but also for the entire body. L-Arginine can be used to increase blood flow and widen blood vessels. This is helpful for hypertension and erectile discomfort caused by circulatory problems. L-arginine can be found in nuts and fish, as well as in various dietary supplements. These products have a natural effect on your body and can be used as a treatment. However, they should not be considered a medicine.

Ginkgo biloba

Ginkgo biloba extract has two compounds (flavonoids, terpenoids), that are strong antioxidants. They may slow down the development of age-related illnesses by counteracting oxidative stresses, which is often a major cause of death.


This plant has a genitourinary effect, strengthening erection and toning penis muscles. Ginseng can also be used to combat infection, reduce inflammation, and remove stagnation.

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How is Vanefist Neo able to help you Lose Weight?

The “miracle” diet is back at the forefront of the news at the start of spring. Although fat burners are popular, do they actually help you lose weight? We tested Vanefist Neo and yes, it really helps! But it is essential to combine natural fat burners with a healthy lifestyle to achieve weight loss that is sustainable and effective.

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What is a fat-burner?

Before you rush to buy any product, let us first define what a “fat burner” is. These “fat burners”, which are stimulants for the body, will increase energy production. This is how to reduce fat mass and make it more energy. It is essential to adapt your diet to achieve your goal to reduce the fat mass.

What’s the role of the fat-burner?

A good fat burner will allow the body to not only put excess fat back in circulation through a specific diet but also burn it. It is what Vanefist Neo does. Fatigue can quickly develop when you eat a restrictive diet. According to nutritionists, fat burners are essential support for the body. Physical activity can be beneficial depending on the goals. It will help the body manage toxins better and create muscle.

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How can you keep your figure healthy?

A healthy lifestyle is important. You can eat healthy and follow a diet that suits your goals. Experts recommend that you take fat burners before meals to increase motivation. Natural fat burners such as Vanefist Neo can be just as effective. It contains Glucommanan, Cocoa, Vitamin B1 & Vitamin B6. These are far less harmful than some chemical compositions. Healthy eating habits are the best way to slim down.

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Who are fat burners for?

Anyone who wants to improve their body, regain their health and vitality. No matter your age, gender, or sexual orientation, feeling happy about your body can be a great motivator.

Najpomembnejša vprašanja o protinu

Protin je bolezen, pri kateri pride do kristalizacije soli sečne kisline (natrijeve kisline) v tkivih, zlasti v sklepih. V nadaljevanju smo pripravili podrobno razlago, ki odgovarja na najpogostejša vprašanja bolnikov o tem stanju.

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1.- Ali je možno, da pride do napada protina ob normalni ravni sečne kisline?

Da, to se lahko zgodi pri kar 50% bolnikov. Količina sečne kisline v krvi v času vnetnega napada ni vedno pokazatelj količine uratnih kristalov, ki so se nakopičili v sklepih. Pri bolnikih z dnovimi simptomi je lahko raven sečnih kislin normalna. Vendar pa obstajajo primeri, ko bolniki nimajo nobenih simptomov, in primeri s hudimi simptomi protina. Protin lahko diagnosticiramo tudi, če krvni test pokaže normalno raven sečne kisline.

2. Ali gre za protin, če krvni testi pokažejo visoke vrednosti sečne kisline?

Protin in hiperurikemija sta dva različna pojma. Visoke vrednosti sečnih kislin v krvi imenujemo hiperurikemija. Opredeljen je kot raven nad 6,8 mg/dl (po dogovoru 7 mg/dl), pri kateri se kristalizira. Podagra se pojavi, ko se v tkivih (sklepih in ledvicah) pojavijo kristali urata. Protin je bolezen, ki prizadene enega od desetih ljudi z visoko vsebnostjo sečne kisline. Kronično hiperurikemijo pa lahko pogosto spremlja protin. Redna visoka raven sečne kisline v krvi lahko pomeni, da je ne moremo pravilno odstraniti, da je njena proizvodnja večja od običajne ali oboje. Sčasoma se lahko razvijejo kristalne obloge, ki lahko povzročijo različne simptome, kot so težave s sklepi, ledvicami in druge težave. ali nastanek sprememb pod kožo, imenovanih tofi (kristali).

3.- Kakšni so simptomi protina?

Najpogostejše je vnetje v prvih metatarzofalangealnih sklepih, tj. Sklep, ki povezuje palec na nogi s stopalom. To je zelo hudo in boleče stanje, ki se običajno pojavi ponoči. Povzroči lahko tudi eritem ali rdečico kože okoli sklepa. Čeprav so začetni simptomi lahko blagi in kratkotrajni, lahko napadi protina postanejo hujši in vztrajni, če se ne zdravijo.

4.- Ali protin napade samo palec na nogi?

Ne. Ne. Protin lahko povzroči tudi vnetje drugih sklepov, kot so koleno in komolec (zlasti olekranialna burza, ki "blaži hrbet" komolca), zapestje in drugi.

5.- Ali lahko določena hrana ali pijača povzroči protin?

Protin je lahko posledica prehrane, čeprav je ta pomembna. Več kot 90% primerov je posledica težav z ledvicami, ki izločajo sečno kislino. Ni priporočljivo uživati živil z visoko vsebnostjo purinov, kot so pivo (z alkoholom ali brez njega), alkoholne pijače z visoko vsebnostjo alkohola, sladkane pijače (brezalkoholne pijače) itd. Rdeče meso, divjačina, morski sadeži in mastne ribe (sardine in sardele) so dobra izbira. Pri bolnikih s protinom lahko paradižnik povzroči bolečine v sklepih, čeprav zmerno uživanje paradižnika verjetno ne bo povzročilo težav. Vendar pa lahko živalske beljakovine proizvajajo več purinov kot tiste iz rastlinskih beljakovin. Priporočljivo je popiti 1-2 litra vode na dan, zlasti če imate urinske ledvične kamne. Dobra izbira so tudi posneto mleko, češnje in živila, bogata z vitaminom C, ter zmerno uživanje kave. Vendar se je treba izogibati debelosti in prekomerni telesni teži.

6.- Kdaj naj obiščem zdravnika?

Vnetje sklepov in ponavljajoče se bolečine, zlasti v palcu na nogi ali stopalu, so lahko znak vnetja sklepov. Če se raven sečnih kislin dalj časa povečuje ali je izjemno visoka (npr. 9 ali več), se posvetujte z zdravnikom. Če imate hiperurikemijo ali ste v preteklosti že imeli protin, se je morda vredno posvetovati z zdravnikom.

7.- Ali lahko za zdravljenje protina uporabljamo kolhicin in tradicionalna protivnetna zdravila?

Ne. Ne. Zdravljenje protina je treba zaključiti s predpisanimi zdravili. To ni hitra rešitev. Potrebni so meseci ali leta dela, odvisno od posameznega bolnika. Le stalno zdravljenje pod nadzorom zdravnika in zdrave življenjske navade lahko odpravijo kopičenje kristalov sečnih kislin.

8.- Ali je mogoče protin pozdraviti s spremembo prehrane in opustitvijo alkohola?

V večini primerov je odgovor "ne". Večine primerov ne rešimo z zmanjšanjem vnosa soli. Bolniki z arterijsko hipertenzijo pa bodo morali vsak dan jemati antihipertenzivna zdravila. Bolniki s protinom pogosto potrebujejo pomoč zdravil. Bolniki s protinom že več let kopičijo urat v telesu, ne da bi se tega zavedali. Čeprav lahko pomaga dieta, to ni dovolj za raztapljanje sečne kisline. Protin lahko zdravimo z zdravili, ki zmanjšujejo ali povečujejo izločanje purinov, kot sta alopurinol in febuksostat.

9.- Ali lahko pride do vnetnih napadov z zdravili za raztapljanje uratnih kristalov?

Morda se zdi nenavadno in nepričakovano, vendar se to pogosto zgodi pri bolnikih s protinom, če zdravila, kot sta alopurinol ali febuksostat, niso ustrezno protivnetno preventivno uporabljena. Bolniki zmotno menijo, da so bolj nevarna kot koristna. Pomembno je, da v prvem mesecu (ali 6-12 mesecev, odvisno od vrste protina), ko uvedemo zdravila, kot so alopurinol, febuksostat ali benzbromaron, vključimo preventivno zdravljenje napadov protina. Sem sodijo tudi protivnetna zdravila v majhnih odmerkih, kot je naproksen (ali v nekaterih primerih kortikoidi), saj je v prvih mesecih, ko se začnejo kristalne obloge raztapljati, tveganje za težave s sklepi večje.

10.- Ali so visoke vrednosti sečne kisline in protin res nevarne?

Protin je več kot le boleč sklep, ki se občasno vname ali vname. Protin lahko povzroči sistemsko vnetje in ne le vnetje sklepov. Prizadene lahko tudi vitalne organe, kot so ledvice. Protin in hiperurikemija sta tesno povezana s presnovnim sindromom. Pogosto se pojavljajo različni tradicionalni dejavniki tveganja za protin, vključno z debelostjo, visokim holesterolom, ravnmi trigliceridov in odpornostjo na inzulin. Vsi ti dejavniki se lahko medsebojno dopolnjujejo in povzročajo visoko ali zmerno srčno-žilno tveganje pri bolnikih. Pomembno je, da ste enako pozorni na raven sečnih kislin v krvi kot na raven glukoze in lipidov.

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Kako izgubiti 25 kilogramov z REDUSLIM?

Pomembno je, da se za izgubo 25 kg dolgoročno potrudite. Ta cilj lahko dosežete tako, da skrbno načrtujete obroke in se ukvarjate s telesno dejavnostjo. V načrt je treba vključiti vaš življenjski slog. Svoj načrt boste lahko izvedli v zahtevanem času, ki lahko traja več mesecev. Za varno in zdravo izgubo 25 kg bo potreben čas. Cilj je izgubiti od 0,5 do 1 kg na teden. Najbolje je, da začnete počasi spreminjati prehrano in redno telovaditi. To je najboljši način za dosego tako težkega cilja.

Spremenite prehrano

1. Posvetujte se z usposobljenim dietetikom

Cilj izgubiti 25 kg lahko traja več mesecev. Dietetik vam lahko pomaga izbrati dolgoročno dieto, ki je varna, učinkovita in trajnostna.

Usposobljeni dietetik je predvsem strokovnjak za prehrano. Usposobljeni dietetik je strokovnjak za prehrano in vam lahko pomaga pri hujšanju. Pomaga vam lahko sestaviti načrt obrokov in dieto, ki vam bo postopoma pomagala shujšati.

Dietetik vas bo prav tako skrbel, da boste upoštevali predpisano dieto. Prav tako vas bodo spodbudili, da se vrnete na pravo pot, če se vam bo zdelo, da izgubljate samozavest ali vam primanjkuje discipline.

Vprašajte svojega zdravnika ali poiščite na spletu specializirane dietetike.

Če imate bolezen, povezano z debelostjo, na primer sladkorno bolezen ali visok krvni tlak, boste morda morali shujšati za več kot 25 kg. Med tem procesom bo dietetik spremljal vaše zdravje.

2. Vzemite prehranski dodatek

Iz vitaminov, mineralov ali celo rastlin so prehranska dopolnila izdelki, ki nam pomagajo pri soočanju z zimo, zmanjševanju stresa, hujšanju, lepih laseh in celo pri športnikih. Na voljo so v različnih oblikah: tablete, kapsule, pastilke in tablete, ampule s tekočino, kapalke, raztopine itd.

We have tried several brands and the one that gives the best results is by far REDUSLIM. You can buy it here: Reduslim Original.

3. Vodenje prehranskega dnevnika

Številne študije so pokazale, da vodenje dnevnika prehrane pomaga pri hujšanju in ohranjanju zdrave telesne teže. Z beleženjem sestavin v obrokih lahko v dnevniku spremljate svoj napredek.

Preden spremenite prehrano, začnite pisati dnevnik. To vam bo pomagalo določiti spremembe, ki jih morate vnesti v svojo prehrano. Vodite seznam živil, ki jih želite izločiti iz prehrane, in živil, ki jih morate uživati. Upoštevajte tudi morebitne prehranske pomanjkljivosti.

Ko začnete z novo dieto, si beležite obroke, prigrizke in pijačo. Če želite zagotoviti, da se držite načrta, vsak dan preglejte svoj dnevnik.

4. Iz dnevne prehrane izločite 500 kalorij.

Če želite shujšati, morate zmanjšati količino kalorij, ki jih zaužijete vsak dan. Količino kalorij lahko zmanjšate in shujšate tako, da nadzorujete, koliko pojeste.

Strokovnjaki priporočajo, da dnevni vnos zmanjšate za 500 kalorij in tako tedensko izgubite od 0,5 do 1 kg.

Če nameravate vsak dan telovaditi vsaj eno uro, morate zaradi upoštevanja učinkov vadbe na telo uporabiti nižjo številko, na primer 300 ali 400 kalorij.

Za nobeno ceno ne jejte manj kot 1.200 kalorij na dan. Tudi če se trudite shujšati, je pomembno, da ne padete pod to številko. Na koncu lahko izgubite več teže, vnos hranil in celo mišično maso.

5. Zagotovite si dovolj beljakovin

Zmanjšajte količino kalorij in uživajte dovolj beljakovin. Beljakovine so ključnega pomena za hujšanje.

Če zmanjšate vnos kalorij in povečate telesno aktivnost, boste pogosto čutili lakoto. Ta občutek lahko zmanjšate, če uživate dovolj beljakovin.

Ko jeste beljakovine, se hitreje in bolj polno nasitite.

Pri vsakem obroku ali prigrizku morate zaužiti eno do dve porciji beljakovin, da zadostite svojim dnevnim potrebam po beljakovinah. Vsak odmerek naj bi vseboval približno 9-12 cl.

Dobra izbira so tudi puste beljakovine, saj imajo manj kalorij in maščob. Pomagale vam bodo, da ne boste presegli dnevne omejitve kalorij.

Te beljakovine vključujejo jajca, perutnino, pusto govedino, svinjino in stročnice ter morske sadeže, tofu in morske sadeže.

6. Pri vsakem obroku naj bi zaužili eno sadje ali zelenjavo.

Če želite shujšati, je dobro, da v svojo prehrano vključite sadje in zelenjavo. Na dan naj bi zaužili eno sadje, eno zelenjavo ali dve zelenjavi.

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