How is Heart Attack and Erectile Dysfunction related and how can Eroxel help?

Erectile dysfunction patients often worry about their health. There are reports about possible heart attacks from medication. Many patients are worried about possible heart problems due to treatment for erectile dysfunction. ZAVA explains how heart attacks and erectile disorders are connected and what to consider.

What causes Heart Attacks and Erectile Dysfunction are there?

Erectile dysfunction and heart attacks are most common in older men. A heart attack occurs when a blood vessel (coronary vessel), that supplies blood to part of the heart muscle, is suddenly blocked. Atherosclerosis is the most common cause of clots. Fat deposits build up in the blood vessels and can lead to the death or partial paralysis of the heart muscle.

Vascular damage can also cause erectile dysfunction. This can cause a blockage in the blood flow to the penis, making it more difficult to achieve an erection. Erectile dysfunction may also be caused by nerve damage, psychological stress, or other factors. Whatever the cause of impotence, Eroxel helps you fight it thanks to its powerful ingredients. Being completely natural, this guarantees its effectiveness: Eroxel Test

Can Erectile Dysfunction be combined with Heart Attack?

Erectile dysfunction that is not caused by an event like prostate surgery or problems within a partnership cannot be linked with heart attacks. Erectile dysfunction in these cases does not mean an increased risk for heart attacks. Erectile dysfunction due to age is not associated with increased risk of heart attacks. However, myocardial injury can be caused by lifestyle, age- and diet-related vascular damage. Normally, damage to blood vessels occurs uniformly throughout the body. If the damage is severe enough to cause erectile dysfunction, then it can be assumed that other vessels such as the coronary and vascular arteries have been damaged.

Are Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms a sign of Heart trouble?

There are many scientific studies that examine the relationship between vascular injury, heart attack, and erectile dysfunction. It can be concluded that erectile dysfunction is a symptom of possible heart attacks or other related diseases.

The so-called cardiovascular event (which includes heart attacks) occurred in the average of two to five years following the first occurrences of erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction should not be viewed as a separate entity from heart attacks. Instead, they should be considered together as manifestations of the same underlying condition, which is pathological changes to the blood vessels. These correlations only apply to erectile dysfunction that is caused by damage to blood vessels.

Do you have to do anything for your Heart health if Erectile Dysfunction is occurring?

Vascular erectile disorder can make men 2.5 times more likely than those without to have a heart attack. Men with erectile problems may also be more at risk for heart attack due to obesity, diabetes mellitus and tobacco use.

Discuss with your doctor a comprehensive plan for cardiovascular prevention if erectile dysfunction is present. In regular endurance training such as swimming, running, and cycling is a good preventive strategy. A balanced diet that includes low amounts of saturated fat acids is recommended. To be able to consider pre-existing conditions as well as personal performance, each measure should be discussed with a doctor.

What can you do if your Heart Attacks occur?

Men experiencing symptoms similar to a heart attack such as tightness in their chest, pain in the left arm and chest, nausea, shortness or fear of dying should contact an emergency service or doctor immediately. There is less chance of suffering from complications later if medical attention for heart attacks is sought quickly.

It is important to inform your doctor or emergency service if you are taking PDE5 inhibitors, or any other sexual enhancers. This is vital, because the standard medication given to a patient in the event of heart attack can interact with some sexual enhancers, including PDE5 inhibitors. In the worst case scenario, this could lead to serious circulatory problems. The doctor will refer to compatible medications if potency medication has been used in the past.

Patients who have taken nitrates or other similar drugs in the past should consult a doctor immediately if they suspect that they may be suffering from a heart attack. These medications can also cause serious circulatory problems. It is very important to take good care of your physical health, this implies making major changes in your diet. You can also add Eroxel to your diet, this will give you the essential vitamins you need to regain your sex life: Eroxel Buy