What about a Ketogenic Diet?

The ketogenic diet has been in vogue for some years. However, this type of diet has long been used to treat conditions such as epilepsy.

Originally used for children with epilepsy to reduce seizures, the ketogenic or Keto diet was developed in the 1920s.

This diet first demonstrated anticonvulsant effects in epileptics. In recent years, the keto diet has gained popularity as a quick method of losing weight. The ketogenic diet is also used to improve the symptoms of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

When the ketogenic diet is practised in the therapeutic field, its duration varies from a few weeks to several years, depending on the expected results.

What are the advantages, disadvantages, dangers and therapeutic indications of the ketogenic diet?

Advantages and disadvantages of the ketogenic diet

  • feeling of satiety ;
  • no calorie restriction;
  • good intake of quality fats and proteins;
  • rapid weight loss;
  • Potentially positive effect on blood lipid levels.
  • Negatives of the keto diet

However, there are some disadvantages to the ketogenic diet, such as

  • unpleasant side effects in the first few weeks (ketogenic flu);
  • little dietary diversity;
  • no deviations allowed;
  • difficult to follow ;
  • monotonous;
  • not compatible with a fulfilling social life.

What are the dangers of the ketogenic diet?

During the first few weeks, very unpleasant effects can occur. This is known as ketogenic flu and is a transitory period that almost always accompanies the transition of the body into a state of ketosis.

Beware, some side effects seem to persist even after the transition period, such as

  • hypoglycaemia (drop in blood sugar levels)
  • dehydration;
  • an increased risk of urinary lithiasis or kidney stones;

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What are the therapeutic indications of the ketogenic diet?

In addition to weight loss, the ketogenic diet is used in the treatment of various pathologies:

  • epilepsy ;
  • cancers ;
  • inflammatory diseases, etc.

This is why it was originally created in the 1920s.

Some figures to go further

As the ketogenic diet is very high in fat, there are still many concerns about its potential negative impact on cardiovascular risk.

According to a recent 2013 study, not only does the ketogenic diet result in greater weight loss than a low-fat diet, but it also has a positive impact on:

  • blood pressure ;
  • HDL cholesterol levels (good cholesterol);
  • blood triglycerides.
  • The ketogenic diet has also been shown to increase LDL (bad) cholesterol levels. In fact, saturated fats may not be as bad as we think.

These new data are still recent, but should be taken into consideration.

In terms of weight loss, it has been shown that the ketogenic diet is more effective than a low-fat diet. Indeed, multiple studies have compared low-fat or high-protein, medium-carbohydrate diets to the ketogenic diet.

The results show that in the short term (1 year or less), the ketogenic diet is more effective in weight loss. However, very few studies have evaluated the effects of this diet in the longer term.

Dietitian’s opinion on the ketogenic diet

The ketogenic diet is a diet that does not really respect the basic rules of a balanced diet. It excludes many food groups and seems to forget the notion of pleasure.

The removal of grain products, legumes and fruit can lead to certain deficiencies in fibre, vitamins and antioxidants, which play many roles in health. This why all keto diet should be accompanied by Revolyn Keto Burn, the food supplement adapted to this diet.

Revolyn Keto Burn Diet

However, it is difficult to deny the proven positive effects that this diet appears to have on health. Although it is difficult to recommend the ketogenic diet at the moment because of its very restrictive nature, numerous studies underway should make it possible to see a little more clearly in the years to come.

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Как да свалите 25 килограма с REDUSLIM?

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Преди да предприемете каквито и да било промени в храненето, започнете да записвате дневника си. Това ще ви помогне да определите промените, които трябва да направите в диетата си. Водете си списък на храните, които искате да премахнете от диетата си, и на храните, които трябва да консумирате. Трябва да обърнете внимание и на всички хранителни дефицити.

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4. Намалете 500 калории от дневния си хранителен режим

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Специалистите препоръчват да намалите дневния си прием с 500 калории, за да сваляте по 0,5-1 кг всяка седмица.

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5. Набавяйте си достатъчно протеини

Намалете калориите и приемайте достатъчно протеини. Протеините са жизненоважни за отслабването.

Често ще се чувствате гладни, ако намалите приема на калории и увеличите физическата си активност. Това усещане може да бъде намалено, като се уверите, че приемате достатъчно протеини.

Когато ядете протеини, се чувствате по-сити и по-бързи.

За да задоволите дневните си нужди от белтъчини, трябва да приемате една до две порции протеини на всяко хранене или закуска. Всяка порция трябва да съдържа приблизително 9-12 cl.

Постният протеин също е добър избор, тъй като съдържа по-малко калории и мазнини. Те ще ви помогнат да се вместите в дневния си калориен лимит.

Тези протеини включват яйца, птиче месо, яйца, постно говеждо месо, свинско месо и бобови растения, както и морски дарове, тофу и морски дарове.

6. На всяко хранене трябва да се консумира един плод или зеленчук.

Добре е да включите плодове и зеленчуци в диетата си, ако искате да отслабнете. Трябва да се стремите да ядете по един плод, един зеленчук или два зеленчука на ден.

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