What about a Ketogenic Diet?

The ketogenic diet has been in vogue for some years. However, this type of diet has long been used to treat conditions such as epilepsy.

Originally used for children with epilepsy to reduce seizures, the ketogenic or Keto diet was developed in the 1920s.

This diet first demonstrated anticonvulsant effects in epileptics. In recent years, the keto diet has gained popularity as a quick method of losing weight. The ketogenic diet is also used to improve the symptoms of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

When the ketogenic diet is practised in the therapeutic field, its duration varies from a few weeks to several years, depending on the expected results.

What are the advantages, disadvantages, dangers and therapeutic indications of the ketogenic diet?

Advantages and disadvantages of the ketogenic diet

  • feeling of satiety ;
  • no calorie restriction;
  • good intake of quality fats and proteins;
  • rapid weight loss;
  • Potentially positive effect on blood lipid levels.
  • Negatives of the keto diet

However, there are some disadvantages to the ketogenic diet, such as

  • unpleasant side effects in the first few weeks (ketogenic flu);
  • little dietary diversity;
  • no deviations allowed;
  • difficult to follow ;
  • monotonous;
  • not compatible with a fulfilling social life.

What are the dangers of the ketogenic diet?

During the first few weeks, very unpleasant effects can occur. This is known as ketogenic flu and is a transitory period that almost always accompanies the transition of the body into a state of ketosis.

Beware, some side effects seem to persist even after the transition period, such as

  • hypoglycaemia (drop in blood sugar levels)
  • dehydration;
  • an increased risk of urinary lithiasis or kidney stones;

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What are the therapeutic indications of the ketogenic diet?

In addition to weight loss, the ketogenic diet is used in the treatment of various pathologies:

  • epilepsy ;
  • cancers ;
  • inflammatory diseases, etc.

This is why it was originally created in the 1920s.

Some figures to go further

As the ketogenic diet is very high in fat, there are still many concerns about its potential negative impact on cardiovascular risk.

According to a recent 2013 study, not only does the ketogenic diet result in greater weight loss than a low-fat diet, but it also has a positive impact on:

  • blood pressure ;
  • HDL cholesterol levels (good cholesterol);
  • blood triglycerides.
  • The ketogenic diet has also been shown to increase LDL (bad) cholesterol levels. In fact, saturated fats may not be as bad as we think.

These new data are still recent, but should be taken into consideration.

In terms of weight loss, it has been shown that the ketogenic diet is more effective than a low-fat diet. Indeed, multiple studies have compared low-fat or high-protein, medium-carbohydrate diets to the ketogenic diet.

The results show that in the short term (1 year or less), the ketogenic diet is more effective in weight loss. However, very few studies have evaluated the effects of this diet in the longer term.

Dietitian’s opinion on the ketogenic diet

The ketogenic diet is a diet that does not really respect the basic rules of a balanced diet. It excludes many food groups and seems to forget the notion of pleasure.

The removal of grain products, legumes and fruit can lead to certain deficiencies in fibre, vitamins and antioxidants, which play many roles in health. This why all keto diet should be accompanied by Revolyn Keto Burn, the food supplement adapted to this diet.

Revolyn Keto Burn Diet

However, it is difficult to deny the proven positive effects that this diet appears to have on health. Although it is difficult to recommend the ketogenic diet at the moment because of its very restrictive nature, numerous studies underway should make it possible to see a little more clearly in the years to come.

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Impotence in Men – The most effective Solution: Potencialex

It is difficult to say how many people are affected by erectile dysfunction, because the results of studies vary widely depending on the type of data collection, the questions asked, and the subjects selected. vary greatly in some cases, ranging from less than ten percent to more than 50 percent. However, the studies at least indicate that they occur more frequently with increasing age.

Erectile dysfunction can:

Occur without an identifiable cause, happen as a result of another disease or an injury, occur as a side effect of certain medications.

If the man has never been able to get or maintain an erection, doctors call this primary erectile dysfunction.

If the problem occurs later in life, after the man has already had and been able to maintain erections, medicine refers to this as secondary erectile dysfunction. The latter is the more common variant.

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Erectile Dysfunction: Symptoms

The most noticeable symptom of erectile dysfunction is that the man is unable to get an erection hard or persistent enough to have intercourse to have sexual intercourse. The fact that the penis occasionally fails to become erect or slumps early is normal. Warning signs that erectile dysfunction may be pathological include the following could be, for example:

  • A feeling of numbness in the area of the buttocks and genitals.
  • Absence of nocturnal and morning erections
  • Muscle cramps in the legs during exertion (such as walking) that subside immediately at rest. It could be intermittent claudication, the so-called “window shopper’s disease”, in which the arteries are only supplied with blood to a limited extent. One symptom is erectile dysfunction.

Stress and anxiety are often involved in psychologically induced erectile dysfunction. Under stress, the body produces a lot of cortisol. This is a hormone which is released in the body in dangerous situations. The body decides between flight and fight. Both are bad, because in this situation the body also secretes also releases adrenaline, which works against an erection. A sudden onset of erectile dysfunction associated with a life-changing event such as loss experience and traumatic experiences is also typical of psychologically induced erectile dysfunction.

If you already have these symptoms you can attack the problem with a natural supplement: Potencialex Original

Erectile Dysfunction: Treatment

Underlying conditions of erectile dysfunction should be adequately treated. This includes good medication to control blood pressure in the presence of hypertension. existing hypertension. Likewise a lowering of high blood lipid values.

Psychotherapy can be helpful for anxiety disorders, depression or other mental illnesses. Patients with physically induced erectile dysfunction could also erectile dysfunction could benefit from psychotherapy. At the beginning of therapy, it is not easy because the patient and therapist need to establish a basis of trust. need to establish a basis of trust. In the longer term, psychotherapy shows good results.

Drug treatment classically includes phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors (PDE-5 inhibitors). These interfere with the ability of the penile blood vessels to contract. blood vessels of the penis and ensure an adequate inflow of blood into the erectile tissue. They are taken before sexual intercourse.

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Eroxel, the best Dietary Supplementation as a Sexual Stimulant?

Erectile dysfunction means that a man cannot have an erection, or maintain it for long enough to have sexual interaction. It isn’t difficult to get a penis and/or it doesn’t go down as quickly. To be considered erectile dysfunction, the problems must last at least six months.

Erectile dysfunction, also known as “impotence”, is often a gradual process that occurs during sexual intercourse with a partner or during masturbation. This could be due to vascular constrictions. Erections are a normal part of the sleep cycle for any healthy man. If they don’t occur, this is a sign of a medical problem.

Dietary supplements for sexual stimulant?

It is best to not wait too long to see if your performance drops in bed. Instead, you can counteract the problem directly using natural methods. Sometimes, it is possible to avoid heavy medication.

Supplements are often ignored, seen as unnecessary or promoted – this is a mistake! Many people lack essential nutrients. Dietary supplements are a simple, effective way to add nutrients to your diet. You can determine if there is a nutritional deficiency and what nutrient is missing by consulting a doctor.

Dietary supplements can be used to correct deficiencies and restore or maintain balance in the body. It is a great way to fight the causes of problems without putting your health at risk.

Erectile dysfunction remedies can be used to treat the symptoms temporarily. This is because the symptoms are a sign of a larger problem. It is effective in reducing erectile dysfunction symptoms and allowing you to rekindle sex. Over-the-counter nutritional supplements can’t provide the same sharp performance boost as stimulants. Because nutrient absorption occurs over a longer time period, but also has an extended effect that allows for a return of good sexual activity.

What nutrition supplements are available to increase potency?

Products that target nutritional deficiencies (e.g. zinc, selenium, folic acid, arginine, ginkgo,etc.) Some people want to increase potency by adding those active ingredients. They are usually plant-based and natural. Supplements can have different effects on people than medicines. There are some people who have severe allergies and others that do not need special attention. Each person has different nutritional needs, which makes it hard for people to find the right products.

Here’s a quick list:

Zinc, Folic acid and Selenium

After expert consultations and the evaluation of numerous medical studies, the EU confirmed that the active ingredients folic, zinc, and selenium were essential for fertility, potency, reproduction, sperm formation, and testosterone levels in human beings. They also provide a long-term increase in performance. The body will have longer-term energy availability than a temporary boost. They can also be used as stimulants for sexual activity. With more energy, you will be able to stay active longer and in all areas. They are a great alternative to Viagra, and they have a lasting effect in preventing erectile dysfunction. They can also be used to treat fatigue, physical ailments, and concentration problems.


L-Arginine, an amino acid that is responsible for the formation nitric oxide in blood vessels, is responsible. Not only is it important for protecting blood vessels in the penis but also for the entire body. L-Arginine can be used to increase blood flow and widen blood vessels. This is helpful for hypertension and erectile discomfort caused by circulatory problems. L-arginine can be found in nuts and fish, as well as in various dietary supplements. These products have a natural effect on your body and can be used as a treatment. However, they should not be considered a medicine.

Ginkgo biloba

Ginkgo biloba extract has two compounds (flavonoids, terpenoids), that are strong antioxidants. They may slow down the development of age-related illnesses by counteracting oxidative stresses, which is often a major cause of death.


This plant has a genitourinary effect, strengthening erection and toning penis muscles. Ginseng can also be used to combat infection, reduce inflammation, and remove stagnation.

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How is Vanefist Neo able to help you Lose Weight?

The “miracle” diet is back at the forefront of the news at the start of spring. Although fat burners are popular, do they actually help you lose weight? We tested Vanefist Neo and yes, it really helps! But it is essential to combine natural fat burners with a healthy lifestyle to achieve weight loss that is sustainable and effective.

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What is a fat-burner?

Before you rush to buy any product, let us first define what a “fat burner” is. These “fat burners”, which are stimulants for the body, will increase energy production. This is how to reduce fat mass and make it more energy. It is essential to adapt your diet to achieve your goal to reduce the fat mass.

What’s the role of the fat-burner?

A good fat burner will allow the body to not only put excess fat back in circulation through a specific diet but also burn it. It is what Vanefist Neo does. Fatigue can quickly develop when you eat a restrictive diet. According to nutritionists, fat burners are essential support for the body. Physical activity can be beneficial depending on the goals. It will help the body manage toxins better and create muscle.

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How can you keep your figure healthy?

A healthy lifestyle is important. You can eat healthy and follow a diet that suits your goals. Experts recommend that you take fat burners before meals to increase motivation. Natural fat burners such as Vanefist Neo can be just as effective. It contains Glucommanan, Cocoa, Vitamin B1 & Vitamin B6. These are far less harmful than some chemical compositions. Healthy eating habits are the best way to slim down.

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Who are fat burners for?

Anyone who wants to improve their body, regain their health and vitality. No matter your age, gender, or sexual orientation, feeling happy about your body can be a great motivator.

Most important questions about Gout

Gout is a condition that results in crystallization of a salt uric acid (sodium-urate) in tissues, especially in the joints. We have provided a detailed explanation below that addresses the most common questions patients have about this condition.

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1.- Is it possible to have a gout attack with normal levels of uric acid?

Yes, it can happen in as many as 50% of patients. The amount of uric acid in blood at the time the inflammatory attack occurred is not always indicative of the amount of urate crystals that have accumulated in the joints. Patients with gouty symptoms may have normal levels of uric acids. However, there are cases where patients have no symptoms and those with severe gouty symptoms. Gout can be diagnosed even if a blood test shows a normal level of uric acid.

2. Is it gout if blood tests show high levels of uric acid?

Gout and hyperuricaemia are two distinct concepts. High levels of uric acids in the blood are called hyperuricaemia. It is defined as a level above 6.8 mg/dL (7mg/dL by convention) which is the point at which it crystallizes. Gout is when there are urate crystals within the tissues (joints and kidneys). Gout is a condition that affects one in ten people who have high levels of uric acid. However, chronic hyperuricaemia can often be accompanied by gout. High blood uric acid levels on a regular basis could indicate that we are not able to remove it properly, that our production is higher than normal, or both. Crystalline deposits can develop over time, which can cause various symptoms, such as joint, kidney, and other problems. or the formation of lesions beneath the skin called tophi (aggregates crystals).

3.- What are the symptoms of gout?

Most common is inflammation at the first metatarsophalangeal joints, i.e. The joint connecting the big toe to your foot. This is a very severe and painful condition that usually occurs at night. It can also cause erythema, or reddening of the skin around the joint. Although the initial symptoms may be mild and brief, gout attacks can become more severe and persistent if there is no treatment.

4.- Does gout attack only the big toe?

No. No. Gout can also cause inflammation of other joints, such as the knee and elbow (especially the olecranial Bursa which “cushions the back” of the elbow), wrist, and others.

5.- Can certain foods or drinks cause gout?

Gout can be caused by diet, even though it is important. More than 90% of cases are due to a problem with the kidneys eliminating uric acid. It is not recommended to consume foods high in purines, such as beer (with or without alcohol), high-proof alcoholic beverages and sweetened drinks (soft drink), etc. Red meat, game, seafood, and oily fish (sardines and anchovies) are all good options. Gout patients may experience joint pain from tomatoes, although a moderate intake of tomatoes is not likely to cause any problems. However, animal proteins can produce more purines than those made from vegetable proteins. Drinking 1-2 litres of water per day is recommended, especially if you have urate kidney stones. Skimmed milk products, cherries, and foods rich in vitamin C, as well as moderate coffee consumption, are also good options. However, obesity and overweight should be avoided.

6.- When should I visit the doctor?

Joint inflammation and recurrent pain, particularly in the big toe or instep, can be a sign of joint inflammation. If your uric acids levels have been rising over time or are exceptionally high (e.g. 9 or more), you may want to consult your doctor. If you have hyperuricaemia or a history of gout, it may be worth consulting your doctor.

7.- Can colchicine and traditional anti-inflammatory drugs be used to treat gout?

No. No. Gout treatment must be completed with the prescribed medication. This is not a quick fix. It takes months or years of work depending on each patient. Only constant medication under the supervision of a doctor and healthy lifestyle habits can eliminate the accumulation of uric acids crystals.

8.- Is it possible to cure gout by changing your diet and abstaining from alcohol?

The majority of cases, the answer is “no”. The majority of cases are not solved by reducing salt intake. However, patients with arterial hypertension will need to take daily antihypertensive medications. Gout patients often require the assistance of drugs. Gout sufferers have been accumulating urate in their bodies for many years, without even realizing it. Although diet can help, this is not enough to dissolve the uric acid. Gout can be treated with medication that reduces or increases the elimination of purines, such as allopurinol and febuxostat.

9.- Can there be inflammatory attacks with medication to dissolve urate crystallines?

It may seem odd and unexpected, but this can often happen in gout patients if drugs like allopurinol or febuxostat are not given the proper anti-inflammatory prophylaxis. Patients mistakenly believe they are more dangerous than beneficial. It is important to include a preventive treatment for gout attacks in the first month (or 6-12 months depending on your type of gout), when drugs such as allopurinol, febuxostat or benzbromarone are introduced. This includes a low-dose anti-inflammatory like naproxen (or corticoids in some cases), since there is a higher risk of joint problems in the first months as the crystal deposits begin to dissolve.

10.- Are high levels of uric acid and gout really dangerous?

Gout is more than just a painful joint that becomes inflamed or inflamed occasionally. Gout can cause systemic inflammation and not just joint inflammation. It can also affect vital organs like the kidney. Gout and hyperuricaemia are closely linked to the metabolic syndrome. It is common to see a variety of traditional risk factors for gout, including obesity, high cholesterol, triglyceride levels and insulin resistance. These factors can all be mutually reinforcing and put patients at high or moderate cardiovascular risk. It is important to pay the same attention to blood uric acids as to glucose and lipid levels.

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How to Lose 25 Kilograms with REDUSLIM?

It is important to put in long-term effort to lose 25kg. You can achieve this goal by carefully planning your meals and engaging in physical activity. Your lifestyle should be incorporated into your plan. You will be able to implement your plan over the required time, which could take several months. To lose 25kg safely and healthy will take time. You should aim to lose 0.5 to 1kg per week. It is best to start slowly changing your diet and exercising regularly. This is the best way to reach such a difficult goal.

Change your diet

1. Consult a qualified dietician

This goal of losing 25kg can take many months. A dietician can help you select a long-term diet that is safe, effective, and sustainable.

A qualified dietitian is a nutrition expert first and foremost. A qualified dietitian is an expert in nutrition and can help you lose weight. He or she can help you create a meal plan and diet that will gradually help you lose weight.

Your dietician will also hold you accountable for following the prescribed diet. They will also encourage you to get back on the right track if you feel like you’re losing your confidence or lack in discipline.

Ask your doctor or search online for specialist dieticians.

You may need to lose more than 25kg if you have a obesity-related disease such as diabetes or high bloodpressure. During this process, your dietitian will monitor your health.

2. Take Food Supplement

Produced from vitamins, minerals, or even plants… food supplements are products that help us face winter, reduce stress, lose weight, have beautiful hair, and even to be athletes. They come in many forms: tablets, capsules, lozenges and pills; ampoules of liquid, droppers, solutions, etc.

We have tried several brands and the one that gives the best results is by far REDUSLIM. You can buy it here: Reduslim Original.

3. Keep a food diary

Numerous studies have demonstrated that keeping a food log helps you lose weight and maintain a healthy weight. By keeping track of the ingredients in your meals, your diary can help you monitor your progress.

Before you make any diet changes, start writing down your daily diary. This will help you determine the changes that you need to make to your diet. Keep a list of foods that you want to eliminate from your diet, and what foods you should eat. You should also note any nutritional deficiencies.

Keep track of your meals, snacks, and beverages when you begin a new diet. To ensure that you’re sticking to your plan, make sure to review your diary each day.

4. Cut 500 calories from your daily diet

You will need to reduce the amount of calories you eat each day if you want to lose weight. You can reduce calories and lose weight by controlling how much you eat.

Experts recommend that you reduce your daily intake by 500 calories to shed 0.5-1 kg each week.

To account for the effects of exercise on your body, if you are planning to exercise every day for at least an hour, then you should use a lower number, like 300 or 400 calories.

At all costs, do not eat less than 1,200 calories a day. Even if you are trying to lose weight, it is important to not fall below this number. You could end up losing more weight, your nutrient intake, and even your lean muscle mass.

5. Get enough protein

Cut calories and eat enough protein. Protein is vital for weight loss.

You will often feel hungry if you reduce your calorie intake and increase your physical activity. This feeling can be reduced by ensuring you eat enough protein.

You feel fuller and faster when you eat protein.

You should eat one to two portions of protein each meal or snack in order to meet your daily protein needs. Each serving should contain approximately 9-12 cl.

Lean protein is also a good choice, since it has less calories and fat. They will help you to stay within your daily calorie limit.

These proteins include eggs, poultry, eggs lean beef, pork and legumes as well as seafood, tofu, and seafood.

6. One fruit or vegetable should be eaten per meal

It is a good idea to include fruits and vegetables in your diet if you want to lose weight. You should aim to eat one fruit, one vegetable or two vegetables per day.

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Reaching the Boy Inside the Angry Man?

Anger is something that men struggle with, but it is an essential part of a man’s emotional life. Anger can flow like a river from the site of a man’s wounds and cause him to rage. However, he may not feel it. He may also be unaware of what caused his anger. Despite anger’s destructive nature, it is important for men to recognize the healing side to anger. It tends to point at their deeper wounds.

Many men don’t know what their emotional wounds are and struggle to understand why they are angry. Robert Bly, the author Iron John, said, “The savage men is wounded and prefers to not examine it.” This says a lot about how early boys compartmentalize and stuff away negative emotions and painful experiences into a forgotten realm of their subconscious minds. Because the wounded boy wanders somewhere in the unconscious mind of the man, emotionally wounded boys become wounded men. Bly correctly pointed out the dilemma faced by every man who hasn’t worked through his boyhood wounds. Every boy is responsible for something that they have to regain later in their lives through their individual inner and outer pursuits. Anger serves as a reminder that the man is still on a quest to heal the boy who is wounded.

Where can an angry man start to seek healing for his wounds? Because they have forgotten the place they kept their wounds, men spend a lot of their lives trying to understand why they are angry. It would be easy to heal the boy inside and resolve anger. Men would surely line up to get the miracle elixir. Easy remedies will only make a man weaker and more ineffective. The quest to heal his wounds is what gives rise to his character strength, much like the search for the Holy Grail.

Men must accept their past traumas, failures, traumas, shame, guilt and victimization in order to heal their wounds. In Star Wars, Luke Skywalker was forced to enter a dark cavern in order to fight and kill Darth Vader. Only then did he discover that his face was hidden behind the helmet of his mortal enemy. This shows that even though they are fighting with other men, many of them struggle to heal their inner pains, shame, and guilt.

Many men in prison tried to heal their wounds with drugs, alcohol, or violence. But they were never released. Some men take their wounds out on the streets while others bury them in their work. Others seek to heal their wounds by religion but only to use it to harm others. Face the wounds and you can only heal them. That takes courage that very few men are able to muster. But, just as the caterpillar has to push itself out of its cocoon to fly, so must men do the same for their wounds. There are no quick fixes.

While love, forgiveness, and acceptance are powerful healing tools, they often fail to address the root cause of the wound. Few men are able to identify their original wounds. It is important to remember that anger acts as a road sign, pointing men to hidden wounds. By following anger back through the emotions, memories, and experiences of the boy inside, the wounds can be uncovered and healed.

The boy who is found lost in the subconscious forest of the mind is scared and confused. He often rages at his victims even years later. Although he knows the location of his wounds, he must feel secure as a pilgrimage back through deep emotional pain to the events or incidents that hurt him. A therapist can help at this stage. Therapy is a “witnessing profession” that allows the inner boy to feel validated by an objective, caring observer-guide.

Men with anger issues should know that there are options for healing and hope. In order to reach the “rejected, ashamed-self” of the angry man, therapists use “inner child therapy.” The best way to deal with anger problems in men is to connect with your inner boy and heal the wounds.